Office Magenta and Yazan Fetto produced, wrote for and performed in “Holy Guacamole: An Alternative Christian Comedy Event!”
on April 6th 2016 in London at the trendy Juju’s Bar & Stage!


This was a themed night about Christianity with or without avocados. Comedians didn’t have to be Christians or to approve of religion but we decided to subscribe to Lady Violet’s line “vulgarity is no substitute for wit”

With the following comedians performing their own, very original, material: Reverend Maggy Whitehouse, The Monks (Weare Themonks and Kevin Moore), Jo Faith,
Richard Wright, Reverend Ravi Holy, Paul Gardner, Robbie Fox, Ian Macdonald, Reverend Kate Bruce and Nathalie Schon.
Headliner was Bec Hill and MC Mark Palmer !

The comedy event was filmed and reviewed in the press:

and drawn by Lizzy Nunn! (see below)


Promo video by We are the Monks


Drawings of comedians by Lizzy Nunn: